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You Are A Chosen People, A Royal Priesthood


If you read this caption or any other post I have made and think I am looking down on any person, you have totally missed the mark. I have no heaven nor hell to put anyone in, so I do not judge a person’s situation or circumstance. If I can be encouragement to anyone to do better or put themselves in a better place, I’m all about that.

I have not walked in your shoes nor lived your life, so if you find yourself in a bad place, that’s not for me to judge. But if no one has ever told you that you are better than your past circumstances, I am here to tell you that you have more options than what your surroundings offer. I believe I deserve the best and I want the best for all my brothers and sisters whether by blood or by divine connection. In no way am I a prima-donna that thinks I deserve exclusive rights to all God’s goodness. It is here for all to partake in, but perhaps you didn’t know you could have access to His goodness. Perhaps no one has told you that you are worth it, you are beautiful both inside and out, that there is greatness in your future. You can and you deserve all of God’s goodness, especially if you didn’t come from the best of circumstances.

There are those that love to encourage your low esteem and allow you to think lowly of yourself because they benefit from it in some kind of way. There are also those that love you enough to encourage you to look higher and think more of yourself, and they are not ‘haters’ as some would call them. They are those that have been where you are and have come out of it and are offering the same escape to you.

I am in no way perfect and didn’t come from a perfect life, which is why I can firmly stand on every statement I have made and say with boldness “You deserve the BEST God has for you!” Stop letting those that perpetrate as friends and supporters keep you in a lesser role for their personal entertainment. Some strong people prey on the naivete of the weak for personal gain or to make themselves appear to have some level of control over you.

Any man that marries a stripper will not allow her to continue to strip. What does that say about what he thinks of strippers? If he thought it was such an admirable occupation, he would have no problem with her continuing her craft.

Rahab in the book of Joshua was a prostitute and because she protected 2 spies from Israel, she and her entire household were saved from destruction. I can guarantee you she changed from being a prostitute because when you have an encounter with God, change takes place. God can use ANYONE so I judge NO ONE. Judge yourself and adjust accordingly. I support anyone doing anything positive, but I refuse to support ignorance.

That’s what is wrong with us all today…we fear being called ‘haters’ so we will see someone completely out of line and not say a word because we don’t want to be labeled. If me saying anything labels me as a hater, then I guess I am a hater. I hate the actions but not the person.

So as I have stated before WE, collectively, have got to do better!